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BenVista PhotoArtist 2.0.8 Portable [kshr]




gershcou. Wordfon. Coupons and discounts. Item : BenVista PhotoArtist 2.0.8 Portable [kshr] gershcou. Description :. Brand: BenVista File: benvista-photoartist-2.0.8-portable-sz.pdf. Application: Photo. Posted: July 6, 2003. 8.0 out of 5 stars Download BenVista PhotoArtist 2.0.8 Portable [kshr] gershcou. benvista-photoartist-2.0.8-portable-sz.pdf. BenVista PhotoArtist 2.0.8 Portable [kshr] gershcou. Special features like preserving highlights or applying special effects to your photos makes PhotoArtist easy to use. It saves you valuable time and energy, and you can create images that are professional looking. This program allows you to bring new, vivid life to your photographs. Software by BenVista Both Windows and Macintosh versions are available, allowing you to transfer photos between your PC and your Mac. PhotoArtist for Mac provides the same image editing functions as the Windows version, but using a different interface. Mac users can also download the PhotoEditor plug-in to edit images on a PC. You can use the Text tool to add or edit text such as captions. You can also resize and rotate your images. All three tools feature support for layers, and each tool has its own unique option set. Layer in the Layers View and use the F9 shortcut key to create a new layer. The Layers View allows you to create and manipulate each of the layers individually. You can move layers around, resize them, change layer properties, and so on. Use the Layers Edit button to change the layers. Editing and retouching your images is easier than ever with PhotoArtist. Using the Layer Features tool, you can make the required edits to your images with a few simple clicks. You can easily select from a range of options, or you can select all or a selection of the image and the result is calculated automatically. PhotoArtist features intelligent algorithms that enable you to improve the image with just a few clicks. The first thing you see is the Layers View, which




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BenVista PhotoArtist 2.0.8 Portable [kshr]

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